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TRUCK_X2 Resurgence

TRUCK_X2 will punch you in the face with awesomeness_ xxx main is back with more big air~ crashes~ racing action~ crawling~ fire~ water~ carnage~ and tons of footage from the famous Diggers Dungeon event_ RC is a sickness_

xxx main THRE3

RC is a sickness and 'THRE3' will prove that even further_ Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to watch~ Take everything you've ever thought about rc and rid yourself of it_

We are xxx main~ THRE3 is the DVD_

How To Paint DVD

The xxx main Racing "How To Paint" DVD steps you through the entire paint process from preparation to mounting and everything in between allowing everyone to create a sick masterpiece from their molded piles of lexan.  Learn how to do paint jobs with decals, internal graphics, paint masking kits, and advanced painting and detailing techniques.  Learn how to paint like the pros.... even if you are not one.

Monster TRUCK_X

The Huge Tire MONSTER_TRUCK revolution. Once rc’s dirty little secret, now a mainstream facet of the radio control industry. Quit your whining and drive. We did. 36,000 screaming rpm’s. Chuck some mud. Crush something. 30 feet in the air. At some point you’re going to have to take your machine to levels that it hasn’t been to before…… Monster TRUCK_X is that level. Monster Trucks; a sickness that most of us can’t cure so why even try. We are xxx main Racing and this is yet another history in the making.


This is the second installment to our popular xxx main series of extreme RC Car videos and we didn't take this one lightly. More of the sickest air and the craziest stunts then anyone could handle including the famous Josh Cyrul "House Jump". "xxx main SQUARED" offers a collection of the very best cinematography and editing this industry has ever seen. We take everything you've ever thought about RC and stepped it through unheard of levels.


Sometimes you have to take a gamble in life. This is what we did at xxx main when we produced this video, but through all of the controversy a benchmark has been set. As more and more extreme RC Car videos emerge, this will always be the one that started it all. If you don't own it yet you don't know what you are missing.  Everything else will be a copy.


The 'g' rated version of "xxx main THE VIDEO". All of the extreme RC Car action with non of the controversial scenes. Perfect for the younger or more conservative crowd.




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